Local officials: Police in Badghis selling military equipment to militants

Local officials in Badghis say some Afghan police soldiers are selling their weapons and other military equipment to anti-government armed groups in the province.

Confirming the issue, Gen. Ahmad Fahim Qayem, the newly appointed provincial police chief said that every police soldier who commits such act of “betrayal” will be prosecuted.
“Don’t show mercy on those who are killing you. Fire 10 bullets against their one bullet,” Gen. Qayem said. “Don’t sell police army’s bullets. Every soldier who does that should know that in fact he sells himself and his family.”

The militant groups – engaged in fight against the security forces – are said to be using the weapons and ammunition of the pro-government forces.

The issue rises concerns among the people as many believe the government has failed to properly address similar problems in the past.

The Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish, however, said that they are seriously pursuing such cases.

Source Ariana News

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