Officials express concerns regarding population growth rate in Afghanistan

The Afghan officials expressed concerns regarding the growing rate of population in Afghanistan while celebrating the World Population Day 2018.

Afghanistan’s Minister of Economy Mustafa Mastoor said the population growth rate has been recorded at 2.14 per cent.

Mastoor further added that the growth rate is a matter of concern for a country like Afghanistan which has less economic growth rate as compared to its population growth rate.

In the meantime, Mastoor said the Ministry of Economy is working on a plan for the better management of population in Afghanistan.

The head of the Central Statistics Organization Habibullah Mohid warned that the country could face major problems due to the unjustified management of the population growth.

According to Mohid, the developed countries face the issues of declining population growth rate while the developing countries face the issues of the increasing population growth rate.

On the other hand, the deputy public health minister Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem said the growing population will have negative effects on the environment, education, health, and social opportunities.

Dr. Naeem said the ministry of public health will introduce modern methods for family planning until 2020.

Source The Khaama Press

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