Ata Mohammad Noor met with Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Raziq in Kabul

The Chief Executive of Jamiat Islami Ata Mohammad Noor met with the police chief of southern Kandahar province General Abdul Raziq in Kabul.

Noor said he held talks on some key national issues during his meeting with Gen. Raziq in Kabul.

According to Noor, the lawmaker representing Nangarhar in Lower House of the Parliament Haji Hazrat Ali had also participated in the meeting.

He said the meeting focused on the situation of the country, upcoming elections of the parliament and districts councils, future programs, and presidential elections.

Noor did not disclose further information in this regard but the latest meeting with Gen. Raziq has taken place amid ongoing efforts by some key political figures to form coalitions for the parliamentary, districts councils, and presidential elections.

Both Noor and Gen. Raziq are among the main critics of the government of national unity who have often criticized the government policies and leaders in strong words.

In the meantime, the relations between Gen. Raziq and the government including President Ghani have been at all time low during the recent months.

This comes as reports emerged few months back suggesting that President Ghani is mulling the removal of Gen. Raziq as the police chief of Kandahar.

In reaction to the reports, Gen. Raziq had said that he has been appointed by the people of Kandahar and not government, emphasizing that only the people can remove him from his position as the police chief of Kandahar.

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