Afghan backup forces arrived to Ghazni

More than a thousand of commando forces have arrived to Ghazni province to suppress the Taliban group, security officials said.

The backup forces who were deployed to Ghazni city late on Friday night said they will change the city to a Taliban cemetery and the group has suffered heavy casualties so far.

“We have more than two hundred Tanks and we will change Ghazni to a graveyard for Taliban,” Abdul Razaq Safi, the commander of 203 Thunder Corps said.

The attacks began around 2am with intense gun battles raging and fires burning in several shops in Ghazni city.

Taliban militants hiding inside homes in the city’s residential areas slipped into the streets attacking Afghan security forces.

Simultaneously, with attacking on Ghazni city, the Taliban group also blocked routes lead to the city.

In the meantime, the Afghan backup forces faced several ambushes of Taliban before reaching to the city and the opposition group have blocked the route with blowing up bridges.

Afghan security forces were able to repel the offensive with US air support, but not before the Taliban cut off all communication to the city by destroying the city’s telecommunications tower. It also set fire to the offices of the local television station.

Now this comes as both Taliban and government forces claimed they were in control of the eastern city of Ghazni.

Source Ariana news

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