Defense, Interior Ministers brief media on current situation in Ghazni city

The Ministers of Interior and Defense briefed the media regarding the current situation of the provincial capital of Ghazni province after four days of intense battle.

Defense Minister Bahrami said additional forces have arrived in Ghazni city and more troops have been mobilized from the other province as well to clear the city from the presence of the militants.

Bahrami further added that senior security officials including the Afghan Army Chief of Staff Gen. Sharif Yaftali are in Ghazni city at the moment, leading the clearance operations against the Taliban.

He assured that the security situation in Ghazni city would change in the next 24 hours.

According to Bahrami, foreign militants from Pakistan, Chechnya, and Arabic countries had also participated in Taliban’s offensive on Ghazni city.

In regards to the casualties of the militants, Bahrami said at least 194 militants have been killed so far, including 12 of their senior commanders.

He also added that more than 147 militants have sustained injuries while 20 civilians were also killed during the clashes.

In the meantime, Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak rejected the claims by the Taliban group that some key government compounds have fallen into their hands.

Barmak further added that the Afghan forces have full control over all governmental institutions and compounds including the central prison of Ghazni.

He also added that first police district of the city has been cleared of the militants and the transfer of the dead and wounded personnel would start today.

According to Barmak, at least 70 police soldiers lost their lives during the four days of clashes with the Taliban militants.

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