Afghan Taliban react on Donald Trump’s election as US president

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The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon to react on Donald Trump’s election as the new US president.

The group in its statement said “Thee US election appears to show the victory of the Republican presidential runner Donald Trump.”

The Taliban statement further added “Our message to him is that the US government policies should be made in a way that do not compromise with the freedom of the other nations and do not seek its interests in the killing and conviction of the others.”

The statement further added that the adoption of such a policy will lead to universal peace and will put an end to the ongoing violence.

Taliban urged the newly elected US President to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan as it claimed victory in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, claiming that the US should not further harm its prestige, economy, forces and generals in the country.

The statement by Taliban comes as the US Ambassador to Afghanistan Michael McKinley earlier said the presidential election in United States will not affect the policies of Washington in Afghanistan and the bilateral pacts available between the two countries.

“Today I was asked many times what the impacts of these elections would be on US-Afghanistan relations and my answer is always the same, America’s long term commitment to our partnership with Afghanistan was renewed this year in Warsaw and Brussels. The US Afghan relationship will remain strong and and close because it is based not anyone election, leader or party on our common interests, our people to people ties, our shared values that so deeply rooted,” Ambassador McKinely said.

The Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected the new US President after he recived the required 270 electoral votes to be declared the winner of the elections.

Trump started to receive more votes as polling started across the US earlier today and received 278 electoral votes while Clinton received 218 electoral votes.

Trump promised to be president for all Americans as he declared his victory in the election, insisting that ‘it’s time for us to come together’.

“We will seek common ground, not hostility, partnership, not conflict,” Trump said, adding that “we will get along with other nations willing to get along with us.”
Source Khaama Press

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