Dostum Wearing Military Uniform, Fighting Rebels in Faryab

MAIMANA – The first vice-president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum on Monday after wearing military uniform had been fighting rebels in northwestern Faryab province and leading the first military operation against insurgents.

Last week, Dostum during his trip to Faryab had said that he did not go there to create militia groups but he was guiding Afghan forces and local people against insurgents.

“I am in civil clothes with you. If Taliban do not stop fighting I would destroy them in civilian clothes,” Dostum had said. But today, he was in front of his forces in a military uniform.

A Wolesi Jirga member Dr. Naqibullah Faiq said that Dostum was seen in military uniform on a military tank in Almar district today.

“Dostum took control of the command and started operation during mid last night and captured several areas from militants,” he said.

Faiq said that Mirshadi area which was the center of militants where the rebels’ governor also resided was captured during an operation by Afghan forces led by Dostum.

Turbat area of Almar district which was under Taliban’s control for the last three years was also clear of militants, he said, adding that Dostum was also accompanied by his two sons Yar Mohammad and Batoor who had received military education.

Dostum also distributed food items among residents of the villages cleared of rebels, he added. (Pajhwok)

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