Protestors Chant ‘Death to America’ Amid Leaflet Outcry

Residents of Qarabagh district of Kabul on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration in the district against the blasphemous leaflet drop by US forces in Parwan, Kapisa and Kohdaman district of Kabul province and called for the prosecution of those involved.

Many protesters waved Afghan flags, however a number of Taliban flags were also seen.
The protestors blocked Kabul-north highway for three hours and chanted the slogan ‘death to America’.

“We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our religion,” said one protestor Hekmatullah Haqmal.

“It is better for the US to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, the US has killed thousands of our brothers since it started the war in Afghanistan sixteen years ago,” said another protestor Saifurrahman Habibi.

“The US has repeatedly insulted our religious values, we can never pardon such blasphemous acts,” said protestor Ghulam Jailani.

The protestors issued an eight item declaration.

“If government does not abide by its legal responsibility regarding the issue, the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and its people will do anything they want to secure their religious values. The people of Qarabagh reiterate calls for coalition forces to stop patrolling in Qarabagh in order to prevent civilian casualties,” part of the declaration reads.

The move by the US army sparked a major outcry among the people of Afghanistan. However the commander of US forces in Afghanistan offered an apology in the wake of the incident and pledged that such a move will not be repeated in future.

The leaflets showed a lion, representing the US-led coalition forces, chasing a dog, an animal seen as dirty in Islamic tradition, wrapped in the Taliban flag. Writing on the flag was a sacred text from the Quran.

Source Tolonews

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