Atta Noor: ‘Pointless’ to hold elections unless IEC being reformed

Atta Mohammad Noor, Former Governor of Balkh province says bringing reforms in Election Commission (IEC) is “essential”, insisting that with the current situation, any kind of election is neglected.

Speaking to his supporters on Sunday in Mazar-e-Sharif City, Noor said: “Any kind of election is pointless and neglected, as long as this commission [IEC] is not being reformed.”

Noor’s criticism on government raised after being ousted from his post as provincial governor, more than three weeks ago.

He said if the political and social justice is not maintained in Afghanistan, the atmosphere of dissension and insecurity will continue to rule over the country.

“We need real national unity in the country,” he insisted.

This comes as the government and Jamiat-e-Islami party have held several rounds of negotiation over the demands which were being pointed out by Atta Mohammad Noor, after his dismissal; however, the results of negotiations are yet to be shared with public.

Source ArianaNews

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