Price of flight tickets soar after series of terrorist attacks in Kabul

The cost of flights from Afghanistan increases up to USD 50 Dollar after series of deadly attacks in its capital Kabul.

Mohmmad Rasooli who is a flight ticket seller in Kabul says since last six months, particularly, the recent bombings in the capital has raised the cost of flights in the country.

“In the past, if price of a ticket was $340, now it is reached to $390,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents’ travel to abroad has also been increased.

“Insecurity has forced me to leave the country,” Meena, a Kabul resident said who has applied for passport at the relevant department.

According to Directorate of Passport, at least 4,500 people receive passport on average per day. Among them most of the applicants are from Kabul.

“We issue passport to 1,800 people in Kabul per day and about 2,500 passports in other provinces,” said Sayed Omar Sabor, Head of Passport Department.

This comes as some Kabul residents who cannot afford to leave the country, urged the government to make “serious” efforts for ensuring security of its citizens.

Source Ariana News

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