Uprising commander joins Taliban in Faryab

A public uprising commander has joined with the Taliban group in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan.

According to Sebghatullah Sailab the deputy head of Faryab Provincial Council, the uprising commander, Ghulam Nabi Shuja, has joined the anti-government insurgent groups with hundred of his men in Dara Zang area of Garziwan district.

Sailab further added that the uprising commander has joined with Taliban insurgents due to personnel enmity with the district governor of the province.

He said, in the past, the two sides have killed at least 32 men of each other over the leadership of the area, but the central government has failed to investigate or take any action.

The local official expressed his concerns, saying that government should seek a reasonable solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, Abdul Karim Yourish provincial police spokesman told Ariana News that joining of the defected commander with the Taliban will not have any effect over the Afghan forces in the area.

“Based on intelligence reports, he never had a hundred men. The local commander was not registered under the public uprising forces and more likely he is having 10 to 15 militants,” Yourish said.

Faryab is among the volatile provinces in north of Afghanistan where the anti-government elements including the Taliban and Daesh have a huge presence and usually carry out attacks against Afghan forces.

Source Ariana News

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