Taliban Closes 30 Schools In Logar

Logar governor’s spokesman says at least 12,000 students, including 2,500 girls, have been deprived of education following closure of the schools.

Local officials in Logar province claimed that at least 30 schools were closed by the Taliban in Charkh district in reaction to a government forces’ operation against the militant group in the area.

Up to 12,000 students, including 2,500 girls, were deprived of education after closer of the schools, Salim Saleh, spokesman for Logar governor, said Friday.

He added that the Taliban closed the schools in Charkh district after some of their members were killed and wounded in a night raid by government forces this week.

“Armed oppositions have closed 30 schools, including 10 high schools, in Charkh (district) after one of their commanders was killed in a night raid by government forces,” he said.

He said government is in contact with tribal elders and religious scholars in the district and that the schools will be reopened in the coming week.
Head of Logar Provincial Council, Hasibullah Stanekzai, said Taliban has warned Charkh elders to avoid meeting government officials for reopening the schools.

“The 01 Unit (of government forces) conducted an operation last night in which a Taliban commander was killed, a mosque and some houses were damaged,” Stanikzai said.

He said Taliban has ordered their members to close the schools in reaction to the operation.

“Thousands of students were deprived of education after closure of the schools. We call on the central government to reopen the schools as soon as possible,” said Matiullah Sroor, a civil society activist in Logar.

The provincial education department meanwhile said efforts are underway to reopen the schools with the help of locals.

“The number of closed schools in Charkh (district) is 30 schools. At least 12,000 students have been deprived of education following the closure of the schools, and meanwhile, 300 education officials have remained at home,” Shahpoor Arab, a spokesman for Logar Education Directorate said.

Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman has said that the group closed the schools at least four days ago when a schoolteacher was killed in a night raid by government forces.

The spokesman said the group is trying to overcome the problem.

Source Tolonews

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