Senators: Police being involved in drug trafficking and selling

The Senate house or Meshrano Jirga says Afghan police are being involved in drug trafficking and selling and that it challenges the efforts to reduce the increasing numbers of drug addicts in the war-torn country.

Head of senate’s defense committee Mohammad Hashim Alokozai said that in many provinces some police commanders are involved in extortion and drug cultivation & trafficking.

Questioning the responsibilities of police forces, he said drugs are being sold publically and police commanders taking money from the drug traffickers.

“No serious actions have been taken against drug traffickers; Police are directly involved in selling drugs and the officials in the Police districts are not taking any action in this regard,” said Senator Nesar Ahmad Haris, chairman of public welfare and environment commission.

This comes after the Senate House questioned the officials from Public Health Ministry, Counter-Narcotics Ministry and Kabul police over the issue of drug addiction and selling in the country.

Confirming the issue, Kabul police chief Mohammad Daoud Amin said they are making serious efforts to identify and fire those police officers who are being involved in drug trade.

Ahmad Shah Naeem, the Deputy Minister of Health said that it will be difficult for the ministry to treat the drug addicts as long as the level of drug cultivation and trafficking has not been decreased in the country.

He said they are capable of treating 10 drug addict individuals from a total of 800.

Meanwhile, Salamat Azimi, the Minister of Counter-Narcotics said that the ministry needs the cooperation of other relevant institutions for reducing drug usage and production in the country and to help them to implement their strategic plans in this regard.

Source Ariana News

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