Paktia governor calls on Taliban to support elections

Shamim Khan Katawazi urged the Taliban to let people take part in the voter registration process.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the voter registration process in Gardez city on Saturday, Paktia governor called on the Taliban to support the move and to not stop people from going to polling centers.
Paktia governor Shamim Khan Katawazi called on the Taliban to participate in the process and to achieve their goals through the process of voting.

“Taliban claims that they have Zurmat district under their control. They should come and participate in the election and have nominees for parliamentary and district council elections,” said Katawazai.
Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials in Paktia meanwhile said they will open 22 registration centers in Gardez city.

Head of the IEC in Paktia Mohammad Zahir Akbar called on Paktia residents to register in order to become eligible to vote for their chosen candidates in the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.

“The time for the voter registration process is limited. So we call on the people to register their names. If they do not register their names, they will not be able to vote in the elections,” said Akbar.
Paktia residents meanwhile urged government to provide them with more facilities.

“The election commission’s assessment for specifying the polling stations has not been fair, because some areas are small while some others are large with a big population,” Paktia resident Erfanullah Erfan said.

Akbar also said some voter registration centers face security threats and urged security officials to address their problems in the province.

Source Tolonews

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