6,000 Afghan schools have no buildings

As many as 6,000 Afghan schools have no buildings, adding to problems that children face in getting an education in the war-torn country, officials said.

Afghanistan’s education system has made significant gains since the Taliban were ousted by U.S.-led forces in 2001. However, despite of that progress, about 6,000 schools in the country have no building facilities.

“Schools should have buildings, 6,000 thousand schools have no buildings facilities,” said Mia Gul Wasiq, the political and social relations Chief in Presidential Palace. ” The ministries of rural rehabilitation and housing have been ordered [in this regard] and are making efforts to resolve this issue.”

According to Wasiq, the Afghan Ulema and tribal elders have granted 1,330 acres of land with a cost of 420 million Afghani for construction of schools across the country.

The Deputy Minister of Education for Literacy, Mohammad Rahimi, however, said that insecurity and ongoing war have forced the government to allocate most of its budget to security section.

According to Rahimi, the Education Ministry’s annual budget has been reduced to 50 percent.

This comes as 3.5 million Afghan children are deprived of education and close to 1,000 schools have been closed due to continues war and insecurity in the country.

Source Ariana News

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