Ghani: war ‘imposed’ on majority of Taliban

Afghan President Ghani says the majority of the Taliban are not in favor of the war in Afghanistan and that the ongoing conflict has been imposed on them.

Speaking at a ceremony on Saturday in Kabul to mark the 26th anniversary of Mujahidin- 8th of Saur, Ghani reiterated his call for peace.

“The presence of foreign forces [in Afghanistan] is for two reasons; their [the Taliban]’s war against the Islamic government of Afghanistan and second they [the Taliban] having ties with terrorists,” Ghani said.

Emphasizing on his “generous” peace proposal to the Taliban, Ghani said that every member of the Taliban is not in favor of fighting against the Afghan government and that a limited number of individuals have imposed the ongoing on majority of the Taliban.

He reiterated his call on the Taliban to accept the peace proposal if the Taliban count themselves as “Muslim and Afghan”.

Last week, the Taliban announced their spring offensive under “Al Khandaq” operations against the Afghan government. The president said the Taliban “wants to make Jihad against whom? against our jihadi leaders, against our religious scholars, or our Muslim nation, this war is against Muslim and free Afghanistan.”

Speaking about the upcoming presidential election, Ghani said that he wants the election to take place before May 2019.

He meanwhile, asked the parliament members to avoid interfering in parliamentary and district council elections.

The president said that ensuring the security of the election is one of the government’s priority. He called on jihadi leaders to pave way for having a transparent and fair election in the country.

Source Ariana News

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