Kabul doctors protest over kidnappings

A number of doctors on Wednesday gathered in Kabul to protest against insecurities threatening their lives.

The doctors came together after one of their colleagues, Professor Assadullah Zarabi, was abducted by kidnappers and yet to be recovered.

“Dr. Kohdamani was kidnapped in Kabul, a medical doctor was kidnapped in Nangarhar, son of a doctor was kidnapped in Herat and also in other provinces,” Najib Amirkhail, representative of Doctor’s Union said.

The head of the Union urged the government officials who were also present at the gathering to make their efforts for the release of Dr. Zarabi.

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Protest erupts in Kabul against Taliban

Following the series of terrorist attacks across Afghanistan, dozens of Kabul residents on Thursday protested against Pakistan and the Taliban.

The protestors who staged a peaceful rally in Kabul, blamed Pakistan of being involved in recent deadly attacks in Afghan capital which left hundreds of people dead and wounded.

“Pakistan clearly have been working to destroy Afghanistan; today the world knows that Pakistan is supporting terrorists,” said Bahauddin Jowzjani, a protester.

The demonstrators who were chanting “Death to Pakistan, ISI and Taliban”, asked the government to execute Anas Haqqani – the son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the former anti-Soviet guerrilla commander who founded the terrorist network. Anas is currently under the Afghan government’s captivity and three court’s have ordered death penalty against him.

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Hundreds gather in support of Momand and against Noor in Kabul

A large gathering was organized in Kabul on Thursday in support of the Balkh provincial council member Asif Momand who was allegedly tortured by the provincial governor Ata Mohammad Noor’s personnel.

The gathering was attended by several representatives of the district councils and elders as well as hundreds of supporters of Momand.

The participants of the gathering called upon the government to thoroughly investigate the alleged torture of Momand by the Balkh governor.

They also urged the government to take immediate steps for the removal of Balkh officials involved in cruel acts.

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Afghan forces prepare to retake lost district in Baghlan province

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are preparing to retake control of the lost Dahana-e-Ghori district in northern Baghlan province.

Local security officials are saying the operations will be launchd in Dahana-e-Ghori and Baghlan-e-Markazi districts in the near future.

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Massive Kabul demonstration for TUTAP could turn violent, Jihadi leaders warn

TUTAP demonstrations in KabulA number of the prominent Mujahideen leaders have warned of a possible violence as a mass demonstration is due for Kabul today.

The High Council of Jihaid parties gathered in Kabul to discuss the latest upheavals in the country as well as a mass demonstration due for Kabul against the TUTAP power project.

The Jihadi leaders expressed concerns regarding the protest and called on the organizers of the demonstration to prevent from the rally.

They also called on the government not to take any step towards the implementation of the project until the issue is resolved.

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