President Ghani inaugurates Lapis Lazuli corridor in Herat province

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday inaugurated the Lapis Lazuli corridor during his visit to western Herat province of Afghanistan.

In his speech during the inaugural ceremony of Lapis Lazuli corridor in Herat, President Ghani said Afghanistan was facing a situation in which it was isolated 17 years ago.

President Ghani further added that the goal of Afghanistan,its people, and different sects of the country is connectivity, not isolation, emphasizing that in today’s situation Afghanistan is in a position which acts as a point of connectivity.

He said the Lapis Lazuli corridor’s history dates back to four years ago when Afghanistan’s Lapis stones were transported to Egypt and India via this corridor.

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President Ghani inaugurates first modern slaughterhouse in Kabul

The first modern slaughterhouse was inaugurated in capital Kabul during a ceremony which was attended by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and some other high level government officials, including the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock Nasir Ahmad Durani.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock in a statement said the proposal for the construction of modern slaughterhouses in Kabul, Kunduz, Herat, and Balkh provinces, was presented to the government nine years ago but the construction work of the projects had stalled due to lack of proper management under the previous administration.

The statement further added that the construction of more slaughterhouses in Herat, Kabul, Balkh and Shakar Dara would be completed this year while the construction of a similar slaughterhouse would be completed next year in Kunduz province.

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President Ghani admits Gov’t failure in urban plans

Addressing the 3rd Mayors National Conference, President Ashraf Ghani admitted that government has failed in implementation of urban plans for Kabul city, saying many of the plans only remain on paper.

“How much is the daily income of each of us? What does it mean? We have not created productive and industrial cities,” President said.

In Afghanistan, a country affected by longstanding conflict which has led to large numbers of internally displaced persons and returning refugees, cities play a key role as hubs for employment, especially youth, innovation and peace.

Indeed, the Afghan population is expected to double within the next 15 years with the urban population reaching 50% of the total population.

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Government approves Master Plan for Pul Alam city of Logar province

The Master Plan of Pul Alam cit, the provincial capital of central Logar province, was approved during a meeting of the Urban Development Council.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the meeting of the Urban Development Council was organized on Monday evening and was chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

According to a statement released by ARG Palace, the Mayor of Pul Alam Ahmad Zaki presented the Master Plan of the city in the meeting and shared information regarding the current conditio of the city, different phases of the urban studies and its results, goals, and strategies.

The statement further added that Mr. Zaki also shared his recommendations regarding the selection of the new city center, commercial areas, administrative areas, educational, sports, religious, health, industries, green areas, parks, and roads construction in the city.

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President Ghani clarifies stance regarding the demands for Eid ceasefire

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says consultative meetings are underway regarding the announcement of a ceasefire during Eid Al-Adha and that the government would announce its decision in the light of consultations and recommendations being offered to the government.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the members of the High Peace Council and the Ulemas Council of Afghanistan.

President Ghani further added that peace is one of the main demands of the nation, emphasizing that a national consensus exist regarding the peace process as he was pointing towards the Fatwas of the religious scholars and consultative meetings he had with different sects.

President Ghani also added that he respects the demands of the Ulemas and High Peace Council members regarding the ceasefire, insisting that the ceasefire should be bilateral and the main aim should peace.

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Ghani issues new directives for the safety, order in Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Int’l Airport

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issued new directives to the relevant authorities in a bid to ensure safety and order in Hamid Karzai International Airport in capital Kabul.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Ghani issued the new directives during the inauguration of the new Radar system in the airport.

According to ARG Palace, President Ghani ordered the relevant authorities to take necessary measures to prevent the unnecessary gatherings, ceremonial gatherings, and entry of armed men inside its premises.

The new Radar system was inaugurated in the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and other high level government and security officials in Hamid Karzai International Airport today.

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Ghani says government working on ceasefire with Taliban in Eid Al-Adha

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says the government is working on ceasefire with the Taliban group during Eid Al-Adha.

Speaking during a meeting with the representatives of the registered political parties, President Ghani pointed towards the successful experience of the ceasefire with the Taliban during Eid Al-Fitr and said the government is working on a similar ceasefire during the upcoming Eid Al-Adha, according to the Office of the President, ARG Palace.

This comes as a Presidential spokesperson, Haroon Chakhansuri had earlier said that there are chances of another ceasefire announcement with the Taliban group during Eid Al-Adha.

Speaking to reporters in Kabul nearly two weeks ago, Chakhansuri further added that signs of interests are seen on all sides, the government and Taliban, to declare another ceasefire during the upcoming.

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Gen. Dostum likely to meet President Ghani today

The First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum will likely meet President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani today.

Sources close to Gen. Dostum have RFE/RL’s Afghanistan service that the meeting will likely take place during the day time today.

The source has not disclosed further information regarding the likely meeting and it is yet not clear on what issues the two leaders would hold talks.

However, Gen. Dostum had earlier said that he would hold talks President Ghani regarding the release of Nizamuddin Qaisari, the acting district police chief of Faryab’s Qaisar district.

A spokesman of Junbish Milli Party, Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj, had earlier said Gen. Dostum would step up efforts for the release of Commander Nizamuddin Qaisari after his return to Kabul.

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Ghani сalls on European Council for more observes in election process

President Ashraf Ghani has called on the Council of European Union for more observers to ensure the transparency in the upcoming election process.

President Ghani in his second day of visit from Brussels has met with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk and urged him for more cooperation in Afghan electoral process.

In the meantime, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) praised the presence of more international and internal observers for the transparency of election process.

However, the Hezb-e Islami criticized fraud, widespread corruption and lack of management in the election process.

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Ghani promises thorough investigation into the deadly attack on Afghan Sikhs

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has promised a thorough investigation into the deadly attack on Afghan Sikhs in Jalalabad city of Afghanistan.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Ghani on Wednesday visited the Gurdwara in Karte Parwan area of Kabul city to offer condolences regarding the loss of lives in the attack.

Surpal Singh thanked President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on behalf of the Sikh community of the country for offering condolences.

In his turn, President Ghani called the attack a catastrophe and promised that the incident would be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators would face trial for the crime.

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