30 policemen lost their lives in Taliban attacks in Farah

At least thirty policemen have lost their lives during the attacks carried out by the Taliban militants in western Farah province of Afghanistan.

According to reports, the attacks were carried out in Khak Safid district of Farah province late on Wednesday night.

The provincial government and security officials have not formally commented regarding the deaths of the policemen so far.

But a member of the provincial council Dadullah Qani said at least thirty members of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces were martyred in the attacks in Khak Safid district.

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Taliban attack army base in Kunduz, killing 14 soldiers

At least 14 soldiers killed and several others injured in a Taliban attack over a military base in Dash-e-Archi district of Kunduz last night, survived soldiers said Thursday.

Abdullah, an Afghan army soldier who was wounded in the fight with the Taliban in Kunduz, said that Taliban militants were equipped with modern weapons.

Meanwhile, Ghulam Hazrat Karimi, a spokesman for the 20th Pamir Division confirmed the attack but did not provide the exact number of casualties sustained to Afghan security forces.

“Taliban attacked from three sides over Dasht-e-Archi district. Twelve enemies were killed and nineteen others were wounded and we have their dead bodies. Casualties have also sustained to our forces,” Karimi said.

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Taliban ‘likely’ to launch attack on Paktia’s Gardiz city

The Taliban may launch an attack on Gardiz City of eastern Paktia province, local officials warned Tuesday, following the armed group’s major attack on Ghazni City earlier this month.

Addressing a press conference, Taj Mohammad Mangal, a member of Paktia provincial council said that the Taliban fighters who have been defeated in Ghazni province, are likely to launch a similar attack on Gardiz City.

He said the Taliban fighters being guided by foreigners, are already operating in some parts of the city.

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Coordinated suicide attack on Gen. Raziq’s residence in Kandahar

A number of suicide bombers launched a coordinated suicide attack on Kandahar police chief General Abdul Raziq’s residence earlier this evening.

The attack was carried out by a group of at least three suicide bombers and as a result at least five people have been killed.

Security sources confirm that five people including two policemen and three suicide bombers were killed in the attack.

The sources further added that the attack was carried out in Spin Boldak district at around 7:30 pm local time.

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Taliban kills 17 public uprising forces, one ALP in Balkh

At least 17 members of public uprising forces and a local police were killed when the Taliban militants attacked them in northern Balkh province of Afghanistan on Saturday night, a security official said.

The incident has taken place during the night in Buzboy village in Sholgara district of Balkh province when a Taliban infiltrator had allowed the militants into the area.

“Unfortunately, the insurgents have martyred a local police and 17 public uprising forces including Haji Abdul Hameed and his son who was an influential local figure and head of the uprising forces,” said Abdul Raziq Qaderi, provincial deputy police chief.

According to the security official, the alleged Taliban insider has escaped the scene and joined the insurgent group.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman said the group carried out the attack and that 18 weapons were also seized.

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Taliban kills seven policemen in Farah

A Taliban attack has killed seven policemen in western Farah province, a local official said.

Dadullah Qani, a member of Farah Provincial Council, said the attack took place early in the morning on Friday, targeting a highway security checkpoint in the province’s Bala Buluk district.

According to Mr. Qani, seven policemen were killed during the attack while two others have surrendered to the insurgents.

The official further said that Taliban insurgents have seized all weapons and ammunitions of the checkpoint.

He also confirmed that the insurgents have suffered causalities, but said the exact number is unknown yet.

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Head Of Kapisa Ulema Council Assassinated

Local officials from Kapisa province said the head of Kapisa Ulema Council, Gul Mohammad Hanifyar, was gunned down by a number of unknown gunmen on Saturday morning.

Qais Qaderi, the provincial governor’s spokesman, said the incident took place in Khum Rubai village in Hese Dowom-e-Kohistan district in the province.

He said a bodyguard of the Ulema council chairman was also killed in the incident.
Police have started an investigation into the incident, he said.

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ICRC suspends operations in Afghanistan after killing of 6 employees

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has suspended operations in Afghanistan after the killing of six employees by militants in northern Afghanistan.

ICRC’s director of operations Dominik Stillhar has said the operations of the charity is on hold at the moment.

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Taliban attack key tunnel connecting Kabul with North of Afghanistan

The Taliban insurgents launched an attack on Salang tunnel pass, a key pass which connects Kabul with the northern provinces of the country.

The officials said the attack was launched by a group of around 20 Taliban insurgents who came to the area from the northern Parwan province.

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