IEC resumes recounting of Kabul votes

Foll Amid tensions with electoral complaints body, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday resumed recounting of the votes of parliamentary elections for Kabul.

The IEC  Deputy Spokesman Zabiullah Sadat said that the commission resumed the recounting process with a new method which includes changes in the number of observers and audit teams.

The electoral complaints commission (IECC), meanwhile, said that the IEC should provide them with evidence and documents regarding Kabul votes and that use a new mechanism in this regard, adding that thereafter, the commission will reconsider its decision of invalidating the votes of parliamentary elections for Kabul.

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IECC invalidates all votes in Kabul

The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on Thursday announced that the results of voting at all polling centers in Kabul parliamentary elections have been invalidated.

The announcement was made by the IECC Spokesman Ali Reza Rouhani.

According to the complaints commission, evidence of widespread fraud is the main reason behind the decision.

Rouhani said that Kabul parliamentary elections should be conducted once again.

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IECC invalidates ballots of over 170 polling stations

The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has invalidated ballots of 174 polling stations, insisting that it has addressed 80 percent of the registered complaints and that 119 cases have been referred to judiciary institutions in this regard.

The IECC had registered over 12,000 complaints regarding the last month’s chaotic parliamentary elections. The commission on Monday said that it has addressed more than 10,000 complaints so far and that has invalidated ballots of 174 voting stations.

“There is no assurance that we could be able to accurately address all of the received complaints,” Said the IECC Spokesman Ali Reza Rohani.

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IEC postpones results of Parliamentary election

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has postponed the preliminary results of the last month’s parliamentary polls.

The results were expected to be announced on November 10, but it has been delayed to at least 10 days.

The IEC cited issues in “filtration and transportation process” of ballots over the delay.

“The preliminary results [from the vote] in all provinces except Kabul will be announced on November 23, and the results from Kabul will be revealed on the first day of next month,” said Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, a Spokesman for the IEC.

He said based on the law, final results will be revealed a month after the preliminary results.

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IECC receives more than 11,000 complaints during elections

Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) says it has registered more than 11,000 complaints during the parliamentary elections last Saturday.

The IECC on Friday said that there are various types of complaints and that it will take them about a month to address them including 15 days for complaints lodged from Kabul and 15 days more for complaints received from other provinces.

Ghulam Dastgeer Hedayat, a member of the IECC said that they have received 11,200 complaints during the elections that the figures might change.

The election observers, however, said that the IECC was not capable of addressing the complaints in the set timetable.

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IECC accepts some candidates violate election law

The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) accepts that a number of parliamentary election candidates violate election law during their electoral campaigns.

“We are witnessing that a number of candidates who want to join the house of nation violate the law. They are using public and private areas for their electoral campaigns,” Humaira Haqmal, a member of IECC said.

Meanwhile, IECC receives a number of complaints about the election process but without any documents.

IECC officials warn that any complaint without document will not be addressed.

“We accept those complaints that have documents. We will not address complaints that lack documents,” Haqmal added.

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IEC punishes 52 candidates for launching early election campaigns

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has imposed cash penalty ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 AFN fine on 52 parliamentary elections’ candidates who began their election campaign ahead of the scheduled timing.

Addressing a press conference on Friday in Kabul, the head of the IEC media committee, Rafai Rafiq Sediqui said the candidates have been penalized for launching their campaign before the scheduled timing on social media or banners and placards in some parts of Kabul.

The official added that the electoral law allows them to make warnings, penalize or refer the offenders to judiciary institutions with the agreement of the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC).

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Over 9 million ballot papers being printed for parliamentary polls

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Saturday said that more than nine million ballot papers for the upcoming parliamentary election would be printed outside the country.

The IEC did not name the country where the ballot papers are expected to be printed, but reports suggest that the design of the ballot papers has already been sent to Dubai, UAE for printing.

Hafizullah Hashimi, a commissioner of the IEC said that the ballot papers being sent outside the country for printing as a move to prevent fraud and ensure transparency in the election process.

“The commission has taken the decision to print [the ballot papers] outside Afghanistan, in order to ensure its safety and quality, and maintain the trust of the people & the candidates,” he said.

The election observers, however, pessimistic regarding the IEC’s this move, saying it will pave way for massive fraud in the election process.

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IEC warns of delay in parliamentary elections

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday warned that the upcoming parliamentary election would be impossible to be held on time if the current crisis continues the same.

“The commission is not responsible for the delay of holding the election and closing IEC branches in capital or other provinces has no legal basis,” a member of IEC, Hafizullah Hashemi said.

Despite the disqualified candidates set up sit-in tents near the IEC office, its provincial branches and staged protest, the election commission announced the names of 2565 nominees who succeed to be in the final list. Of the 2565 candidates, 2174 of them are men and 391 of them are women.

In the meantime, the observing institutions express concern over the closure of IEC office and its provincial branches and called on the International Community to find a solution for this issue.

Recently, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has barred 35 candidates from running in upcoming parliamentary polls.

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Afghanistan announces parliament elections date scheduled for 7 July 2018

The Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission (IEC) announced the date for the long waited parliamentary elections.

IEC chief Najibullah Ahmadzai said the parliamentary elections date has been set for the July 7th of 2018.
He made the announcement during a press conference in Kabul this evening, urging the government to assist with the arrangement funds for the elections.

This comes as the government has stepped up efforts to organize the long-delayed parliamentary and district councils elections.

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