Policemen among 9 arrested on extortion charges in Kabul city

A group of nine people including four policemen have been arrested on charges of extortion and illegally collecting money from street vendors the in Kabul city, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Tuesday.

According to a statement released by MoI, the police forces have arrested an individual who was collecting a sum of 4,000 Afghanis daily from street vendors in Pul Kheshti area of the city and was handing over the money to a police officer.

The statement further added that another individual was arrested from Sepahi Gomnam area in the 1st police district of the city who was collecting 9,000 Afghanis daily and was transferring the money to the police officer in charge of the security of the area.

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Criminal incidents increased in Kabul

Kabul police department confirms that in recent months, the criminal incidents have been in the city, stressing that it has arrested 82 individuals suspected of murder and car robbery in this regard.

Mohammad Daoud Amin, police chief of Kabul said that the murder and car robbery cases have been increased, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan.

The official added that efforts were underway to reduce the criminal incidents in the city.

Expressing concerns, some Kabul residents criticized the government over failure to prevent the criminal incidents in the capital.

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Local officials: Police in Badghis selling military equipment to militants

Local officials in Badghis say some Afghan police soldiers are selling their weapons and other military equipment to anti-government armed groups in the province.

Confirming the issue, Gen. Ahmad Fahim Qayem, the newly appointed provincial police chief said that every police soldier who commits such act of “betrayal” will be prosecuted.
“Don’t show mercy on those who are killing you. Fire 10 bullets against their one bullet,” Gen. Qayem said. “Don’t sell police army’s bullets. Every soldier who does that should know that in fact he sells himself and his family.”

The militant groups – engaged in fight against the security forces – are said to be using the weapons and ammunition of the pro-government forces.

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Senators: Police being involved in drug trafficking and selling

The Senate house or Meshrano Jirga says Afghan police are being involved in drug trafficking and selling and that it challenges the efforts to reduce the increasing numbers of drug addicts in the war-torn country.

Head of senate’s defense committee Mohammad Hashim Alokozai said that in many provinces some police commanders are involved in extortion and drug cultivation & trafficking.

Questioning the responsibilities of police forces, he said drugs are being sold publically and police commanders taking money from the drug traffickers.

“No serious actions have been taken against drug traffickers; Police are directly involved in selling drugs and the officials in the Police districts are not taking any action in this regard,” said Senator Nesar Ahmad Haris, chairman of public welfare and environment commission.

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Taliban kills seven policemen in Farah

A Taliban attack has killed seven policemen in western Farah province, a local official said.

Dadullah Qani, a member of Farah Provincial Council, said the attack took place early in the morning on Friday, targeting a highway security checkpoint in the province’s Bala Buluk district.

According to Mr. Qani, seven policemen were killed during the attack while two others have surrendered to the insurgents.

The official further said that Taliban insurgents have seized all weapons and ammunitions of the checkpoint.

He also confirmed that the insurgents have suffered causalities, but said the exact number is unknown yet.

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