IEC resumes recounting of Kabul votes

Foll Amid tensions with electoral complaints body, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday resumed recounting of the votes of parliamentary elections for Kabul.

The IEC  Deputy Spokesman Zabiullah Sadat said that the commission resumed the recounting process with a new method which includes changes in the number of observers and audit teams.

The electoral complaints commission (IECC), meanwhile, said that the IEC should provide them with evidence and documents regarding Kabul votes and that use a new mechanism in this regard, adding that thereafter, the commission will reconsider its decision of invalidating the votes of parliamentary elections for Kabul.

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Preliminary election results for Kabul delayed again

The preliminary results of the long-awaited parliamentary elections for Kabul have been delayed for the second time, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Saturday.

It has been about two months since parliamentary elections were held in the country, however, the IEC is yet to announce the preliminary results of the vote for Kabul.

The elections which were held on October 20, marred by fraud and technical problems. The issue forced the IEC to recount the ballots for some provinces.

The IEC said the primary results for Kabul will be delayed as it still seeks to separate “black” votes from “white” ones.

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IEC postpones results of Parliamentary election

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has postponed the preliminary results of the last month’s parliamentary polls.

The results were expected to be announced on November 10, but it has been delayed to at least 10 days.

The IEC cited issues in “filtration and transportation process” of ballots over the delay.

“The preliminary results [from the vote] in all provinces except Kabul will be announced on November 23, and the results from Kabul will be revealed on the first day of next month,” said Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, a Spokesman for the IEC.

He said based on the law, final results will be revealed a month after the preliminary results.

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Over 9 million voters registered for upcoming elections

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) officials on Wednesday said more than nine million people have registered their names for the upcoming parliamentary and districts councils elections.

IEC spokesman Syed Hafizullah Hashemi told reporters that 9,072,208 people have been registered for the upcoming parliamentary and districts councils elections.

Mr. Hashemi further added that women form around 34 per cent of the voters who have obtained voter cards while men form 64 per cent of the voters.

He also added that around 173,000 Nomads and 583 Hindu/Sikh nationals of the country have obtained voter cards for the upcoming elections.

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Price of flight tickets soar after series of terrorist attacks in Kabul

The cost of flights from Afghanistan increases up to USD 50 Dollar after series of deadly attacks in its capital Kabul.

Mohmmad Rasooli who is a flight ticket seller in Kabul says since last six months, particularly, the recent bombings in the capital has raised the cost of flights in the country.

“In the past, if price of a ticket was $340, now it is reached to $390,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents’ travel to abroad has also been increased.

“Insecurity has forced me to leave the country,” Meena, a Kabul resident said who has applied for passport at the relevant department.

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