ISIS claim responsibility behind Jalalabad city suicide attack

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group loyalists claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on local tribal elders in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

The group issued a statement in Arabic language claiming that the attack left at least 15 people dead and several others wounded.

The statement further added that the attack was carried out by the group’s fighter Salman Al-Khurasani, targeting the Pacher Agam district elders in south of Jalalabad city.

However, the local security officials said at least 4 people, all civilians, were killed in the attack and at least 6 others were wounded.

The attack in Khalis Family area of Jalalabad city on Monday afternoon came as the local tribal elders had gathered to discuss the situation of the province.

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MP Zahir Qadi claims Daesh commanders live in Kabul

Haji Zahir Qadir, first deputy of the Lower House of Parliament or Wolesi Jirga has claimed that commanders and those leading Daesh live in Kabul.

“I swear to god that officials and commanders of Daesh live in Kabul. They go to our security institutions and embassies.” MP Zahir Qadir told lawmakers during Monday’s session.

MP Qadir who is reportedly taking part in security operation against terrorists in Shinwar District of Nangarhar province said that armed men belonging to Swat and Bajawar agency of Pakistan, Chechens, Uzbeks, Arab and others have gathered there. “The district has turned into a factory of Daesh”, he said.

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