Voter registration database yet to be activated

Institutions overseeing election process said lack of a voter registration database will provide the context for fraud.

Although 21 days have passed since the beginning of the voter registration process, still the database has not been activated and there is no database in which to enter voters’ names.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials meanwhile said activating the voter registration database is their priority.

IEC has said ,so far over one million voters have registered their names and their figures have been received by IEC through emails and phone calls from provinces across the country.

“It was our plan that it is not needed to have the database on the first day. Because until 600 people do not register their names in our registration books, the books will not be transferred from the registration centers to the center of the relevant provinces.

When the books are transferred to the center of the provinces, they will be scanned and will be sent to us. Thus, from day one our plan was not to have the database activated in the first days, our plan was to report the figures,” IEC financial and administrative deputy head Mazaaullah Dawlati said.

The institutions overseeing the election process, however, said lack of a database, in addition to questioning the transparency of the figure of registered voters, will provide the context for vast corruption in the elections.

“The election transparency cannot be assured unless the system is established, and the data is entered into the database,” said Sughra Sadat, spokesperson of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan.

“Lack of a database will create a serious crisis. Because on the election day the figures that the election commission announces could be much higher than the exact number of voters, and this provides a situation for filling ballot boxes and fraud,” Naeem Asghari, Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan’s program manager said.

A number of MPs also raised concerns over lack of transparency in collecting the number of registered voters. The MPs said the process should be transparent.

Source Tolonews

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