About 2,000 Afghans leave country daily

The transportation companies in Kabul say that nearly 2,000 Afghans, mostly youths, are illegally fleeing the country on daily basis toward the neighboring Iran.

They stated that due to the insecurity and unemployment, Afghan youths are fleeing the country toward Iran, Turkey or the European countries.

The drivers have painful stories about the fate of illegal travelers, saying a large number of death bodies have returned back to the country from Iran borders.

“When they arrive in Nimroz, they are sold without even knowing. They fall into hands of Baluch smugglers,” Jawid, a driver said.

Recently, the governments of Afghanistan and Turkey have agreed on the deportation of Afghans who have been living in Turkey without legal documents for years.

An estimated 150,000 Afghans have been living in Turkey, 600 of which are believed to be lacking proper travel documents.

According to a Turkish news agency, at least 324 undocumented Afghan nationals, who were rounded up in the Aegean province of İzmir, have been deported to Afghanistan yesterday.

“Efforts are underway for the management of Afghan returnees from Turkey,” Hafizullah Mia Khail, the ministry of refugee’s official said.

About 2.5 million people from Afghanistan are living as refugees and Afghans are the second largest group of asylum seekers in the world.

Pakistan hosts nearly 1.4 million, including some second- or third-generation Afghan refugees who have never lived in their home country.

Source Ariana News

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