Drought сrisis: MPs summon Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation

The Members of Parliament at the Lower House have summoned the minister of agriculture, irrigation and the deputy minister of natural disaster management over the drought crisis that has hit most parts of the country.

The lawmakers declared that the government lacks proper solutions for the drought problem and people are facing serious threats of drought in the current year.

“The displaced people have many problems. Most of the displaced have come to Jawzjan from other provinces. They have no water and food. A barrel of drinking water is sold up to 1 to 2 thousand AFN,” Abdul Satar Darzabi, representative of Jawzjan said.

Fatima Aziz, representative of Kunduz asserted, “Drought threatens the northern provinces. The number of displaced people reaches to five thousand families who gathered in one place.”

In the meantime, the minister of agriculture and irrigation Nasir Ahmad Durani noted that addressing the drought problem needs more than $500 million and the ministry has its programs to control the drought.

“The number of livestock is high in Afghanistan. We need more than $500 million to avoid livestock losses in the country. The amount will be enough for nine months,” Durani said.

Muhammad Aslam Seyas, deputy minister of natural disaster management also added, “More than a million people face shortages of food and drinking water. More than three million livestock are at risk of being lost. The United Nations officials have committed to cooperate in addressing the challenges.”

Afghan lawmakers have considered the drought as one of the main factors for creating crisis after poverty and insecurity in the country and called on the government to address the challenges as soon as possible.

Source Ariana News

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