Provincial police chief: Iran supports Taliban in Farah

After Taliban large-scale attack over Farah province in west of Afghanistan, the provincial police commander says the attack over the province was organized in Iran.

According to the provincial police chief, more than two thousand militants from neighboring provinces were involved in the attack over the city and the attackers aimed to establish a stronghold in the strategic province after being collapsed.

“Farah is valuable for Iran. Iran is funding and providing equipment for the Taliban fighters in the province,” said Fazel Ahmad Shirzad the provincial police chief.

Meanwhile, provincial governor Baseer Salangi said the militants are staging attacks repeatedly since three months, but they have failed to reach to their goal.

Farah is among the volatile provinces in west of Afghanistan and the Taliban insurgent group is actively operating in Anar Dara, Bala Buluk, Pusht Road, Khak Safid, Gulistan, and Shibkoh districts of the province in recent years.

The province is located next to Iran and in neighboring with volatile Helmand province, the Taliban’s stronghold.

Without naming Iran, the Afghan defense ministry says there are signs showing supports from foreign countries to the insurgents.

“A lot of weapons were seized from the enemies while they were unable to take away any vehicle or weapon from us. The enemies of our people receive weapons from different markets through major smugglers. The weapons are made in different countries,” said Gen. Mohammad Radmanish the defense ministry spokesman.

“Iran and Pakistan are directly involved in the ongoing fight in Farah. Farah is located in a strategic position. If Farah falls to the insurgents, Badghis, Ghor and Herat provinces will also collapse,” said Dadullah Qani the provincial council member.

The Afghan ministry of interior accepts they had intelligence information regarding the Taliban attack over the City.

“We were prepared to respond to the enemies attack. Defense lines were established, but unfortunately one of the lines was collapsed last night after the insurgents raided and the situation was changed,” said Najib Danish the interior ministry spokesman.

Source Ariana News

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