Parliament session disrupted after MPs engaged in physical fight

The Afghan lower house of parliament session on Wednesday ended without any result after some parliamentarians verbally and physically attacked Abdul Latif Pedram, a member of parliament representing Badakhshan province.

The confrontation erupted after MP Pedram criticized the government for dividing Ghazni province into three electoral constituencies, saying the government is acting biased in order to save more seats for a specific ethnic group.

“It is shameful to violate all electoral laws in order to give more power to a specific ethnic group and take away the rights of other ethnicities,” MP Pedram said. “Have you seen ethnic fascism, ethnic tyranny, chauvinism and injustices more than this?”

Following these comments, some MPs criticized MP Pedram and the chairman of the house announced end of the session.

“Mr. Pedram – You and your fellow can’t do anything. You have the citizenship of Tajikistan and you will go to your home but you are creating problem for others,” said MP Kamal Safai, representing Kunduz province.

After high tensions, MP Pedram was not allowed to respond and some MPs tried to physically assault him but he was saved by fellows.

“You used to say that Afghanistan will become a paradise, security will be ensured, food crisis will be resolved, but today you are attacking each other in the house,” said MP Ramazan Bashardoost, representing Kabul province.

Source Ariana news

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