Peace activists extend sit-in protest outside U.S. embassy ‘indefinitely’

The peace activists from Helmand march on Saturday stressed that they will continue their sit-in protest outside the U.S. embassy in Kabul for an unknown time as the activists yet to receive their letter’s response from UNAMA.

The Helmand peace convoy members who launched their sit-in protest near the U.S. embassy on Wednesday are now aiming to place their demands in form a letter to the United States Congress.

“We yet to the response of our letter from UNAMA,” said Iqbal Khyber, head of the peace convoy. “We will try to maintain contacts with the U.S. people and Congress. We have set up a team in the United States and the regulation defines that the protesters should inform the [U.S.] government of their move 10 days earlier.”

Expressing concerns regarding the health condition of their fellows, the members of the peace convoy said that they are shifting at least their two members to hospitals every day.

“During the days which we spent their, some of our friends got sick, we have been forced to transfer them to hospitals,” a member of the convoy said.

This comes as the activists’ three-day sit-in protest outside UN office in Kabul has been ended with no results. But the peace marchers stressed that they will continue to launch protest near embassies in the city until their “voice of peace” being heard.

Source Ariana News

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