IEC announces date for presidential election

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday held a consultation meeting with the leadership of Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC), representatives of political parties, civil society and international entities in Kabul.

The consultation meeting was aimed at getting views and suggestions of the participants on setting the date of 2019 presidential election.

At the meeting, representatives of political parties and civil society activists evaluated the issue related to the next year presidential election from various aspects including operational, financial and administrative, security and climate.

Following the meeting, the IEC said that presidential election would be held on April 20, six months after the upcoming parliamentary and district council election which is scheduled on October 20.

This comes about a week after the government called on the IEC to announce the date of 2019 presidential election at the earliest possible time.

Reactions on the preliminary list of candidates for upcoming elections

The IECC on Tuesday said that it will not allow any individual or institution to make a decision on the preliminary list of the candidates being registered for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.

The reaction of IECC apparently comes as the commission is already engaged in addressing about 200 complaints against the armed and irresponsible candidates.

The IECC is expected to remove names of some of the illegal armed men from the preliminary list of the candidates.

Recently, IECC has removed the name of Mullah Tarakhil from the list which has sparked his strong reaction. The IECC said that it will act – based on the principles being set for the commission – against the criminals and illegal armed men running in upcoming elections.

Following the matter, the Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said that it has sent list of the individuals – who have been accused of violating the human rights – to the relevant institutions.

Source Ariana news

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