IEC chief: no biometric system for parliamentary polls

Independent Election Commission (IEC) chief Abdul Badi Sayyad said at a press conference in Kabul on Wednesday that the commission will not be using a biometric system in this year’s elections as there is no time to roll out such a plan.

He said that although the commission was in favor of using technology for the elections, they did not have enough time to set up such a system as it would first need to be imported and then staff would need to be trained to use it.

He also said the IEC called on the Independent Election Complaints Commission (IECC) to send through the final list of disqualified parliamentary election candidates as soon as possible so as to avoid any delays in the process. 

He also said political parties and civil society organizations can monitor the election process once they have a letter of accreditation from the IEC.

On the issue of Ghazni elections, Sayyad said no decision has yet been made but that it would be discussed and decided on soon.

Referring to the World Bank’s recent concerns about meeting the election deadline, Sayyad said there should be no concerns about delays with the parliamentary elections as this would be held in October as scheduled.

Source Tolonews

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