Maternal mortality decreases compared to last year in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says the maternal death rates has reduced compared to the previous year in Afghanistan.

According to the statistics of MoPH, nearly 1600 mothers has died during the childbirth in past year in the country.

In reality, however, Afghan women dying in pregnancy or childbirth may be more than twice as high as numbers provided by donors would suggest.

“Based on the current statistics, around 94 thousand children were born in the 1396 solar year,” Abdul Wahid Majroh, spokesman of MoPH said.

The health officials declared that effective plans are in hands to prevent the maternal and child mortality and nutrition.

“The findings of Health Ministry show that nutrition is still the biggest challenge for Afghan children. Around 3666 children are in hospitals due to nutrition,” Majroh added.

Decreases in these mortality rates are consistent with changes in key determinants of mortality, including an increasing age at marriage, higher contraceptive use, lower fertility, better immunisation coverage, improvements in the percentage of women delivering in health facilities and receiving antenatal and postnatal care, involvement of community health workers and increasing access to the Basic Package of Health Services.

Despite the impressive gains in these areas, many challenges remain.

Further improvements in health services in Afghanistan will require sustained efforts on the part of both the Government of Afghanistan and international donors.

Source Ariana news

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