IECC accepts some candidates violate election law

The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) accepts that a number of parliamentary election candidates violate election law during their electoral campaigns.

“We are witnessing that a number of candidates who want to join the house of nation violate the law. They are using public and private areas for their electoral campaigns,” Humaira Haqmal, a member of IECC said.

Meanwhile, IECC receives a number of complaints about the election process but without any documents.

IECC officials warn that any complaint without document will not be addressed.

“We accept those complaints that have documents. We will not address complaints that lack documents,” Haqmal added.

On the other hand, the chairman of IECC, Abdul Aziz Aryayee accepts that the upcoming election may be held transparently.

Contenders in the parliamentary elections kicked off their campaigns Friday ahead of next month’s balloting as authorities reported that five candidates were killed in violence in the run-up to the campaigning period.

The elections for the national parliament and district councils are due to be held on Oct. 20, more than three years after parliament’s original five-year term ended in 2015.

The capital, Kabul, and other cities and towns across Afghanistan awoke Friday to colorful posters of candidates plastered on billboards and walls. On Election Day, voters will be able to cast ballots at 21,011 polling stations.

Source Ariana news

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