Security officials fail to attend session to brief MPs on Raziq’s Assassination

Heads of defense, security and intelligence institutions were expected on Monday to brief the lawmakers about General Raziq’s assassination and the overall security situation of the country, but the security officials failed to attend the parliament’s session.

 Criticizing the government over the Kandahar incident on October 18, a number of MPs said that that General Raziq’s assassination case is not exposed and that the security officials should share the details of the incident.

“The Talib who killed Raziq was the bodyguard of the governor. Where is his dead body and where has been buried? Why General Raziq has not been shifted to the forensic laboratory so that it should have been clear where the ballot hit him and which kind of weapon was used against him,” questioned MP Allah Gul.

“I think it is a political case, Taliban was not involved behind the attack, why the foreigners were not targeted?” he added.

MP Abdul Rahim Aryoubi, meanwhile, said that Raziq’s assassination had been planned. “Pakistan kills those who are influential figures and have ties with India,” he said.

The security officials failed to attend the session after the Presidential Palace (ARG) announced a prayer ceremony for the fallen commander.

Parliament Speaker Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, however, said that the security officials should attend the session on Saturday next week and present their reports on Kandahar shooting to public.


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