Former Daesh Fighters Claim Pakistan Funded Them

A 10-member group of Daesh fighters that lay down their arms and joined the peace process on Wednesday claimed they were financed and equipped by Pakistani military and also trained in Pakistan.

They said that Pakistani military provides light and heavy weapons to Daesh fighters in Afghanistan.

“Pakistani military gave us weapons and used to tell us that Afghan forces are infidels and you must kill them,” said Zaitoon, a former Daesh fighter that joined the peace process.

Arabistan, Zaitoon’s co-fighter, said: “I was tasked to fight in Nazian district [in Nangarhar]. We used to present our daily report to Punjabis and Pakistanis and they encouraged us to fight the Afghan government.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Nangarhar Provincial Council Malik Nazir said the 10-member group has joined the peace process due to efforts by the High Peace Council (HPC) office in the province and also with the help of the Afghan security forces.

“There were 24 men in two groups – the first group was 14 Taliban fighters and the second group included 10 Daesh fighters who for the first time joined the peace process,” Nazir stated.

Source: Tolonews

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