Taliban Change Their War Tactics

A number of experts said on Wednesday that the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties on the battlefields against the Afghan forces and as a result the group has changed its war tactics.

At the beginning of their fighting season this summer, the Taliban launched widespread attacks in Helmand, Uruzgan, Kunduz, Faryab and number of other provinces – but now, since the death of their former leader Mullah Mansour, they conduct smaller, focused attacks against security checkpoints, officials said.

Experts believe that the Taliban, with this new tactic, suffer fewer casualties but that casualties are higher among government forces.

Experts have said the Taliban is now conducting “guerilla” attacks – which also include mass kidnappings on highways.

“Because the Taliban is being defeated, they turn to guerilla attacks. Afghan forces must stand seriously against the armed oppositions and terrorists and fight them,” MP Syed Hussain Sharifi Balkhabi said.

“As you all witnessed, how many innocent passengers were killed and kept hostage by the Taliban? All these activities are their sign of weakness,” said Habiba Danish another MP.

Parliament members believe that ignoring the Taliban’s new tactics will increase casualties among security force members and also civilians. They said the Taliban will also use civilians as human shields.

“We are trying to respond to any terrorist activities. Our forces have a strong morale and people are with us,” said Dawlat Waziri, the defense ministry spokesman.

“Even if Taliban change their war tactics we are after them and no matter where, if they create problems for our people, will we respond to them with force,” said Sediq Sediqqi, the interior ministry’s spokesman.

Security institutions said that in addition to providing security for the country’s highways and that of passengers, security forces are currently conducting 22 pre-planned military operations in 17 provinces across the country.

The security institutions did however confirm that the Taliban and Daesh have sustained heavy casualty tolls in the ongoing operations.

Written by Tariq Majidi
Source: TOLOnews

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