Qatar Businessman Invests $20 Million USD In Farah

A businessman from Qatar has invested $20 million USD in Farah province to improve and develop the agriculture and livestock sector.

The businessman, whose name has been withheld, heads up Qatar Alghorafa Charity Foundation, has already build a number of schools and mosques in the province.

According to the owner of the foundation, he will establish dates and pistachio orchards and will establish more pastures for people who have livestock.

“We have brought 3,000 of the best date saplings of the world and will bring another 17,000 saplings. After that, we will establish a factory to process dates and thousands of Farah residents will get jobs here,” Shahid Jawad, the foundation’s spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of Farah province said Alghorafa foundation’s investments will create more job opportunities and will improve agricultural products in the province.

“The businessman has asked government to give him more land to cultivate agricultural products,” Mohammad Nasir Mehri, Farah governor spokesman said.

Jawad also said they will create pastures on 15 acres of land so as to breed cattle and sheep.

The foundation has also created a center to breed birds and rare animals, which will then be released into the wild.

Source Tolonews

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