More Than $700m USD Invested In Poultry Sector

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI), more than $700 million USD has been invested in poultry farms and bird seed production in the country in the past few years.

Lotfullah Rashid, spokesman for the MoAI said on Monday that according to their findings, the private and public sectors invested large amounts of money in this sector and that more than 10,800 small, medium and large seed production facilities and poultry farms have been established in recent times.

As a result, chicken processing and packaging factories have been established and standard incubators for chicks have been imported.

“In the last two years, 5,250 small farms, 208 medium farms and more than 15 large farms as well as bird seed production factories were established and we are trying to provide more investment opportunities in this field,” Rashid said.

A number of poultry farmers in Nangarhar province meanwhile said in the last two years three large egg and chicken farms were established in the province.

According to the farmers, one of the farms produces more than 250,000 eggs on a daily basis and that these are being sold on local markets.

“I have established a poultry farm in Nangarhar with the help of MoAI where I have 5,000 chickens and now I have established another farm of the same size on my own,” said Neamat, the owner of two poultry farms.

Recently, government initiated a tariff system on imported chickens and eggs in a bid to promote local farming, a move that has helped support domestic investment in the sector.

A number of poultry farmers however said chickens and eggs are being smuggled into the country illegally, which creates problems for them.

“Currently chickens and eggs are moving through customs illegally and people are not paying the tariffs. This creates problems for investors and also damages our national revenue income,” said Azizullah, the owner of a poultry farm in Nangarhar.

MoAI meanwhile said farmers can only meet 49 percent of the country’s poultry needs and 25 percent of the country’s egg demands.

Source TOLO News

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