Taliban design to attack Gen. Dostum foiled as three terrorists detained

(The Kabul Times): Thousands of supporters of the First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum and members of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan gathered in the northern Mazar-e-Sharif city urging the president to promote the General to the rank of Marshal in recognition of his services in the war against enemies and terrorists. 

Speaking in the gathering, Azizullah Kargar the head of central council of the national movement, accused Pakistan’s notorious military spy agency the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of supporting terrorists and interference in Afghanistan, stated the region won’t have durable peace unless and until Pakistan stops backing terrorist networks.

Kargar also called for suspension of diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Head of Balkh provincial council, Ibrahim Khair Andish also spoke on the occasion and called for appreciation of security forces in defending the country.

According to another report, Taliban plat to target Gen. Dostum has been foiled as security forces captured three suicide bombers in Faryab province the other day.

All the trio equipped with suicide vests were identified and arrested by security forces in Qaisar district, before reaching the target.

The vice president Dostum has been leading the war against Taliban in Faryab province over the past nearly one month and during the period heavy casualties has been inflicted to the militants besides liberating vast areas from the clutch of the armed insurgents.

(Pajhwok): First vice-president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum along with his 2,000 forces on Thursday entered Sar-i-Pul City, the provincial capital of northern Sar-i-Pul province, amid warning to militants to shun insurgency and join peace process.

On the head of his forces today, Dostum while talking to the residents of Sar-i-Pul province warned insurgents. “We did not come here to fight you. The door for peace is open but if you do not surrender we will then clear Sar-i-Pul of anti-state elements,” he warned.

He said Afghan forces would recapture Kohistanat district of the province which was currently under Taliban’s control.

A few days back, Dostum launched military operations in northwestern Faryab province said around 300 kilometers square of central Faryab areas were cleared of rebels.

After reaching Sayad district of Faryab, Dostum said that security forces would start clearing offensive in the Kohistant district.

Photo by generaldostum.com.

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