CEO Calls Nuristan A Deprived Province; Promises Major Projects

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who visited Nuristan on Tuesday said the province is one of the most disadvantaged parts of the country, and that fundamental projects should be implemented there.

He also promised Nuristan residents that their problems would be addressed by the National Unity Government.

“We will discuss serious security issues related to Nuristan and then we will decide about it at the National Security Council. I promise you that all the suggestions that come to us, I will support them at the ministers, government and cabinet level,” said Abdullah.

Acting governor of Nuristan, Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, said the work done under the NUG in Nuristan is far more than during the previous government.

However he said that the province is still faced with a lack of security force members, health care services, roads and educational facilities.

“Nuristan covers an area of 9,750km, but its security is maintainted by only 3,000 policemen,” Qayyum said.

At the same event, Nuristan Provincial Council members accused the local government of corruption.

“In Nuristan, there is no Afghan National Army battalion, Afghan Public Protection Force battalion, or a border force battalion. What type of border province is this?” asked Saeedullah Nuristani, head of the council.

“The governor said that 70 percent of Nuristan schools have no buildings. Unfortunately, 72 million AFs was allocated for toilets here. In this province, money is circulating due to corruption and no one has heard the peoples’ voices,” he added.

Unemployment and poverty are other serious challenges for the Nuristan youths, officials from the provincial directorate of information and culture said.

“Our youths have two ways; either join the Afghan National Army or the Afghan National Police ranks. They join them for money and those who do not join them, they are deployed by the enemy,” said Sebghatullah Jana, head of the provincial department of youth affairs at the ministry of information and culture.

In a separate meeting, Abdullah met with Nuristan administrative and military officials where they discussed ways to further address peoples problems.

Source Tolonews

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