Massoud Accuses Govt of Ethnic Polarization, Power Monopoly

Ahmad Wali Massoud, chairman of National Agenda Process on Monday accused Afghanistan’s National Unity Government (NUG) of deliberate attempts to sow the seeds of division among the ethnic groups, of dictatorship and of monopolizing political power.

He warned such moves by the government could lead to the collapse of the present political system.

He also recommended a plan known as “National Consensus” to government and the political parties in the country to overcome the ongoing issues currently facing Afghans.

“Unfortunately, we see in the politics of this country that they deliberately break the principle of the national unity by ethnic polarization. We also see indications that there are signs of repression and dictatorship,” said Massoud.

Meanwhile CEO Abdullah Abdullah has stressed the need for the systematic reforms to be put in place in the government institutions.

Abdullah made his remarks during the weekly cabinet meeting in Kabul where he also stated that the implementation of development projects in the country has expanded the gaps between the people and the government.

Massoud, in turn, alleged that the government leaders are preferring to hear more from the foreigners instead of hearing from the Afghan people.

‘We are all calling for services to be provided and development projects are implemented. At the same time, we see that problems have been in place while implementing development projects in the provinces and the people are also complaining about it. These complaints increase the divisions between the people and the government.” Said Abdullah.

Massoud urged the government to take steps to ensure that the next elections are held in a fair and transparent manner.

“Elections in Afghanistan is a principle. There are no alternatives to elections, because elections confirm the success of democracy and other values. National consensus will help to determine transparent elections which are acceptable to the people of Afghanistan.” Said Massoud.

“There is a need for an independent commission to manage and organize a nationwide, transparent and general elections. Unfortunately a vacuum exists,” said a member of National Agenda, Fazel Rahman Orya.

Massoud pledged to share details of (national consensus) blueprints with people, government and the political parties next week so that a comprehensive solution could be found to the ongoing crisis facing the country.

Source Tolonews

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