Number Of Return Refugees Drops To 50 Percent

The number of Afghan refugees who return home from Pakistan and European countries has decreased to 50 percent this year – compared with the same period of last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.

Meanwhile, the IOM statistics indicate that the number of return refugees from Iran has reduced to 25 percent – 50 percent of them were deported.

More than 87,000 Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan since January, the IOM says, while 167,000 Afghan refugees returned to the country in the same period in 2016.

Also, over 280,000 refugees have returned home from Iran since the beginning of this year, the IOM statistics show.

The statistics indicate that 50 percent of those who returned from Iran were deported from the neighboring country. The total number of those returned from Iran and Pakistan from January to September of last year is over 330,000 people.

From January to September this year, more than 2,700 Afghan refugees including those deported have returned from European countries, while the number was 5,400 people last year.

“The figures that were released by media have been estimated based on the number of return refugees,” said Omar Majidi, head of refugees program at the IOM.

The statistics of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) indicate that Afghanistan after Syria is the second country in the world in terms of having refugees in other countries.

The UNHCR figure shows that 7.5 million Afghans have lived as refugees in 79 countries in the world.
Most of the return refugees, even from Iran and Europe, somehow preferred to stay in eastern Nangarhar province, the organization said.

Jannat Gul and Ibrahim, native residents of Laghman and Kunar provinces, said they are living in Nangarhar province after returning home from Pakistan this year.

“There (in Laghman) we do not have land and property. Here (Nangarhar) is better and our children can go to school,” Jannat Gul said.

“Kunar is not secure. There is no school and not facilities,” Ibrahim said.

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