Abdullah: Fight against terrorism needs to continue in Afghanistan

Afghan Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah has warned that the fight against terrorism needs to continue in Afghanistan; otherwise, the scope of this horror will also reach the United States.

“Fight should be continued against terrorism in Afghanistan. Those terror groups who are fighting in our country now are fighting against you all. I must say that the terrorist groups are supported in the region and have secure hideouts in the region,” CE, Abdullah said during his speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in U.S.

Abdullah called the U.S. new strategy toward Afghanistan effective and emphasized that the policy can bring Taliban group to the negotiation table.

“Part of the US strategy toward south Asia and Afghanistan, the political element aim is that those forces which are fighting against the government and people of Afghanistan will be persuaded to come to the negotiation table,” CE said.

He further added, “The armed Taliban group is a terrorist group that its presence provided facilities for other terror groups to activate in Afghanistan. The Daesh group is activating under Taliban’s shadow and is the same as the Teherk-e Taliban in Pakistan.”

The U.S. effort to stabilize that country has dragged on for 16 years, since the 2001 defeat of the Taliban, who had harbored al-Qaeda. Yet the Taliban are making a comeback and now control some parts of the country.

Source: Ariananews

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