Taliban Everyday Earn Nearly 8 Million Money Through Farah Custom Office

The Taliban every day generate 7-8 million Afghanis revenue, collecting money from trucks importing commercial goods through Farah Custom Offices to the country, said the local officials.

The huge daily revenue of the militant group was cited by Dadullah Qaneh, a member of the provincial council, who further insisted on the reliability of his claim.

Since several months ago, the Taliban militants have reportedly been collecting money in areas belonging to Pusht-e-Koh district of Farah province and distribute receipts sealed by Islamic Emirate, the previous name of Taliban regime.

As stated Mr. Qaneh, the militants are using those money for purchasing weapons and munitions to fuel their fight against the government.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Aref Shajahan, the governor of Farah province confirming Taliban’s extortion of trucks’ drivers says that they are not collecting money in a certain area.

The Taliban’s extortions have caused many protests of Farah civil activists so far and some of these activists accuses local authorities of abiding the Taliban.

Source Ariananews

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