Pakistan ‘admits’ housing Taliban, Haqqani Network in its soil

Pakistan’s envoy to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry has said that his country is forcing the Taliban and Haqqani network to go to Afghanistan.

The U.S., Afghanistan and others have long complained that Pakistan offered safe haven to the Afghan Taliban and their allies, the Haqqani Network, allowing them to carry out terror attacks in Afghanistan. But Pakistan repeatedly has denied the allegations.

“If the U.S. has any information [on the issue] then they should share it with us as we want to eliminate them [Taliban and Haqqanis] as well,” Chaudhry told BBC Urdu.

“Our position on the issue is very clear that we want them back to their country… we don’t want Taliban and Haqqanis living with us. In fact, we are forcing them to go and live in Afghanistan and join the political mainstream there and they’re not accepted here anymore.”

The Pakistani diplomat has claimed that the Taliban and Haqqani Network control over 43 percent of land in Afghanistan.

In reaction to Pakistani envoy’s remarks, the Afghan government said that it would be a positive move if Pakistan send the Taliban and Haqqanis to Afghanistan.

“Pakistan were used to reject the presence of the Taliban in its soil, and now they are admitting it; if they want to send them to Afghanistan, it would be a good move and we hope the partners support them,” said Javid Faisal, Deputy Spokesman for the Afghan Chief Executive Office.

This comes as Pakistan is under growing pressure for harboring militant groups who launch attacks in Afghanistan. Recently, the U.S. suspended $255 million in military aid to Pakistan.

Source Ariana News

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