New opposition party launched in Afghanistan

A new opposition party under the name of “National Front of Afghanistan People” (Jebhe Mili Mardom-e Afghanistan) emerged today to form a new grouping intended to put pressure on the National Unity Government (NUG).

The newly-launched party, led by Nurollhaq Olumi, former interior minister started its activity with criticizing the government and its performances.

The members of National Front of Afghanistan People criticize the current government with weak legitimacy and limited capacity, saying NUG has failed in providing security, economic growth and political participations.

“We will take a great step with the forming this new party and we will find an alternative way to save the country from sinking,” said Nurollhaq Olumi, chairman of the party.

Olumi considered the activities other countries in Afghanistan depend in their national interests.

“”The root of all the miseries in Afghanistan is outside of this country; terror, drugs, corruption and etc…,” he added.

This comes as that the National Unity Government has not reacted against the Afghanistan New National Front so far.

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