MoI arrests nearly 3000 suspected drug dealers

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) says nearly 3000 drug dealers have been arrested during the current solar year.

The deputy interior minister of counter-narcotics affairs, Abdul Khalil Bakhtyar has declared that a number of Taliban commanders are also among the detainees.

According to MoI, during the current solar year;

2468 operations were conducted which 860 of them were carried out in Kabul.

2848 drug dealers have been arrested that 69 of them are security personnel.

27 drug factories and 12 drug caches have been destroyed.

“The amount of drugs recorded is 231 tons. A large number of targets have been identified and we are trying to arrest more drug dealers,” Bakhtyar said.

The vast majority of the world’s opium poppy, the raw element for making heroin, is cultivated in militancy-hit Afghanistan, particularly in the western and southern parts of the country, where government security forces have little presence.

Every year the drug lords effortlessly export 4,000 tonnes of opium across Afghanistan’s borders, plugging into the Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani and Russian gangs that refine the drug into heroin for sale in Europe. But their strongest connections are at home.

Allegations of drug links have persistently dogged some of Afghanistan’s most powerful figures, including several governors and ministers.

Source Ariana News

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