1,665 Expert Afghans Returned to Afghanistan Since 2001

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Wednesday that around 1,665 qualified Afghans from 29 countries have returned to their homeland since 2001.

“So from 2001 when the program started until today we have assisted 1,665 Afghans to return back to Afghanistan,” IOM representative in Afghanistan said Wednesday at an event in Kabul for the return of qualified Afghans. “The return of qualified Afghans program focuses on the return of the qualified and skilled Afghan members of the diaspora who are motivated to contribute that knowledge for the development of their homeland.”

The Return of Qualified Afghans (RQA) project aims to identify and facilitate the return of Afghans living in third countries.

The project is being implemented by IOM and funded by the government of Japan in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the same event, Sayed Hussian Alemi Balkhi the Minister of Refugees said Afghanistan needs the return of qualified Afghans from Europe, Iran and Pakistan. He added that 20 expert Afghans have returned from Pakistan and Iran to the country since last year and they are currently working in nine organizations.

However, Minister Balkhi said that during the last two years the number of qualified returnees to the country was very low compared to the previous years.

Atefeh Hosseini, who has been away from her country for 40 years changed her challenges to opportunities, finished her studies in Iran and now uses her knowledge and talents in Afghanistan.

“Situation in Afghanistan is very suitable for work. There were no working conditions for us in Iran,” Atefa, a radiology specialist told Ariananews.

Another returnee, Farzana Arefi added, “We could not live in Iran anymore. As a refugee, I saw many difficulties there. I was deprived of the many rights that a first-class citizen should have.”

Insecurity and unemployment are considered as the main reasons for Afghan youths to abandon the country.

Source Ariana News

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