ISIS loyalists vow to eliminate Durand Line

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) loyalists aiming to gain a foothold in Afghanistan have vowed to eliminate the Durand Line in a bid to unite and pave the way for the Muslims divided by the line.

A spokesman for the terror group’s self-proclaimed Khurasan province said the Islamic State eye to destroy the borders similar as they did between Iraq and Syria.

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Lack of Social Freedom

We have been longing for freedom voraciously. Freedom to express our thoughts, to act without restrictions, to walk without boundaries, to do what we want without the mood of being told to do what is right. In other words, freedom has mostly been misread; empty of moral values and responsibilities. We have walked to freedom, however, “made missteps along the way” without admitting. Moreover, we did not only make missteps but also went the wrong way feeling a great disdain to ask a guide the way to freedom.

Think of a person who is in prison for three decades. Whenever he peeps through the prison’s hole, he sighs wistfully wishing to walk the same as the people outside the prison. He just sees people waking outside, but does not know exactly what is going on there. The prison guard releases him after many years. When he comes out, he sees the real criminals outside such as gangsters, kidnappers, murderers, robbers, bullies, etc. Every day, he notices violence, bloodshed, moral corruption, and so on. People, tyrannize him, threaten him to death, force him to do what they want and use him as a punching bag.  Won’t the person feel like returning to prison?

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Nadia Anjuman: Poet of Herat

While periodic blog-and-print wars erupt among US poets and critics about the possible death of poetry, in other parts of the world women die for writing poems. In Herat, Afghanistan, Nadia Anjuman was one among a group of women who risked their lives to continue writing under Taliban rule, gathering under the guise of the Golden Needle Sewing School. After the Taliban fell, her first book sold 3000 copies.

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Herat grapes with universal reputation

Herat province is known as the mine of diverse grapes due to having and growing the best, precious and highest quality grapes in the world. The background of grapes growing in this province, goes back to several centuries ago. Over 130 types of grapes are being grown in Herat today out of which over 24 types are more available and supplied in local markets.
In a telephone contact with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Reproduction Branch of Herat provincial agriculture department Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi said the grape season differs according to quality of grapes as from mid spring Rocha and Khalili grapes are available and supplied in local markets while in late October Mir Ahmadi and Fakhri grapes are available. Annually over 48 kinds of grapes are harvested from 7960 hectar grape yards in districts of Herat province.
Ahmadi went on to say that due to existence of plenty of delicious and sweet grapes in Herat. Particular programs have been undertaken on production, distribution and introducing of grapes to domestic and global markets.
He added, in 1393 the biggest grapes festival was organized and held in the provincial capital city of Herat in which tens different grapes were displayed that was sincerely welcomed inside the country and even transborders. Usually grape season and festival is celebrated by farmers and grape growers in Herat province.
He explained that every year over sixty percent of Herat grapes are processed to rasins.
The most famous kind of Herat grapes is called as Laal bagolidanah which is unique is taste, quality, shape, color and harvesting. Other kinds of Herat grapes are called Laal kalwadanah, Laal Abi, Laal Sorkh, Fakhri Safed, Fakhri Poshtgul, Fakhri Shast-e-Aroos, Husseini, Mir Ahmadi, Keshmeshi Maidadanah, Keshmeshi Danahpland, Sayebi, Serkayee, Rocha Safid, Rocha Sorkh, Khalili, Foshangi, Sangalaskri, Loghi Sorkh, Loghi Siah, Kasnadarah, maskayee and Shondolkhani etc.
According to Ahmadi, the major grape yards are located in Gozarah, Pashtoon Zarghoon, Enjeel and Obeh districts of Herat province. According to current updates, this year Herat grapes yards covered an area of over 7700 hectar land, and in current year, the grapes harvest has considerably increased. Beside that the exports of fresh fruits have also improved but still there are certain problems ahead of horticulturists one of the them can be lack of cold rooms or spring homes.
Agriculture experts in Herat said that proper use of methods of modern horticulture by garden owners and fighting fatal diseases such as Khakestarak are the reasons behind increase of grapes harvest increase in recent years.
In recent years, grapes trade has improved in Herat and in 2005 grapes were exported to Saudi Arabia for the first time.
And currently Iran, Turkmenistan and UAE are customers of Herat grapes and increase of grapes exports can cause horticulture development and support farmers.
Karima Malikzada

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Russian Foreign Ministry condemns NATO attack killing Afghan civilians

Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the recent NATO air strike that killed civilians in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar.

As a result of the attack, at least 9 people were killed, including four women and four children. The Afghan authorities also sharply criticized the irresponsibility of foreign troops concerning civilians.

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