Gulbuddin Hekmatyar challenged Atta Muhammad Noor

The leader of Hezb-e Islami, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has challenged the former Balkh governor, Atta Muhammad Noor to recapture the Chamtal district instead of seizing the Presidential Palace (ARG).

Previously, Atta Mohammad Noor, Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party in an interview with Ariananews has claimed that if “foreigners” allow him he can seize the Presidential Palace (ARG) in three days.

“Noor cannot capture only one district. Seizing the Presidential Palace is a big issue. Some parts of Balkh province are under the control of Taliban,” Hekmatyar told Ariananews.

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Ata Mohammad Noor met with Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Raziq in Kabul

The Chief Executive of Jamiat Islami Ata Mohammad Noor met with the police chief of southern Kandahar province General Abdul Raziq in Kabul.

Noor said he held talks on some key national issues during his meeting with Gen. Raziq in Kabul.

According to Noor, the lawmaker representing Nangarhar in Lower House of the Parliament Haji Hazrat Ali had also participated in the meeting.

He said the meeting focused on the situation of the country, upcoming elections of the parliament and districts councils, future programs, and presidential elections.

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Noor informs of breakthrough in talks regarding Balkh leadership

The Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami Ata Mohammad Noor has informed of breakthrough during the talks with the Afghan government regarding the Balkh political leadership.

In his speech during the ceremony to mark the start of the new Solar Year, Nowruz, Noor said certain agreements have been made during the talks with the government.

Noor further added that talks are underway and a final agreement will be made in coming days.

He said the details regarding the agreement will be shared with the people once the agreement concludes with the government.

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New governor Daoud to take Balkh office in next ‘two to three days’

Engineer Mohammad Daoud, the newly pointed governor of Balkh province will be introduced to the provincial governing office within upcoming two to three days, a close figure to the governor told Ariana News on Thursday.

Amid criticism on the government’s failure to solve Balkh issue; a close figure to the new governor says Engineer Daoud will be officially introduced to Balkh office as governor within upcoming two or three days.

“The government has tolerated Mr. Noor’s disobedience so far, but not anymore,” the close figure to new governor Feroz Isar said.

The Chief Executive’s Office Deputy Spokesman Javid Faisal, however, stressed on easing the Balkh issue through negotiations with Jamiat-e-Islami party, despite government’s failure to reach into a consensus on some key issues, following several rounds of talks.

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Ghani: Balkh issue to be resolved within the framework of Afghan constitution

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says the issue of the Balkh political leadership will be resolved within the frameworks of the constitution of Afghanistan.

Speaking to elders and residents of northern Balkh province in ARG Palace on Wednesday, President Ghani said all steps regarding Balkh political leadership have been taken in accordance with the constitution of Afghanistan and the issue will be resolved within the framework of the constitution of the country.

He vowed to bolster the system by strengthening the rule of law and justice, insisting that no one has the right to stand against the national interests of the country and the decisions should be taken based on democratic values and approaches.

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Noor threatens to collect Hairatan’s revenues for employees salaries

Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor, on Sunday warned that he will collect Hairatan Port revenues and make payments to employees in case central government does not pay government employees salary in the province.

“My signature is valid in all governmental offices. If government try to force me, I will make payments directly from Hairatan revenues. The government is collecting millions of dollars from Hairatan revenues and at that time they will regret and the situation will become worse,” he said.

Speaking to his supporters at a gathering in Mazar-e-Sharif City, Noor emphasized that he was still waiting for the result of negotiations between government and Jamiat-e-Islami Party. He reiterated that he won’t allow anyone to oust him from the post except through negotiation.

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Noor warns of consequences if the govt opts military force against him

The ousted governor of the northern Balkh province and chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami Ata Mohammad Noor has warned of consequences if the government military option against him over the controversial issue of the Balkh government leadership.

Noor made the remarks during another gathering attended by his supporters in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital of Balkh province.

He claimed that the use of force against him will result to disintegration among the security forces as 80 percent of the security personnel are not willing to act against him.

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Ata Mohammad Noor accuses ARG Palace of massive corruption

The chief executive of Jamia-e-Islami Ata Mohammad Noor has accused the ARG Presidential Palace of massive corruption, claiming that millions are being embezzled in large contracts under different pretexts in the office of the president.

Noor made the latest claims during a gathering in northern Balkh province of Afghanistan as a deadlock still persists between him and the government due to the circumstances surrounding his resignation.

He claimed that evidences and documents are available with him to prove that millions have been embezzled in large contracts, specifically pointing towards the fuel contracts for the national defense and security forces.

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Jamiat party negotiates with Arg over implementation of NUG agreement

Jamiat-e-Islami Party of Afghanistan have started negotiations with the Presidential Palace (ARG) over the implementation of the political agreement on the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) and the fate of Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor.

Kamaluddin Hamid, a member of Jamiat leadership council, on Friday told Ariana News that talks between Jamiat Party and Arg focused on the split of “important” governmental posts, changes in the electoral commissions members, distribution of electronic ID cards, and preparations for holding a Loya Jirga to amend the Constitution.

Acceptance of conditions set by Jamiat will be a prerequisite for the controversial removal of Atta Mohammad Noor from Balkh province.

The two sides have held two rounds of talks so far, but the presidential palace have not accepted the demands by Jamiat-e-Islami Party yet.

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European Union ‘will not interfere’ in Ghani-Noor saga

The European Union will not interfere in the domestic matters of Afghanistan including the recent tension between the Presidential Palace and Jamiat-e-Islami Party of Afghanistan, the European Union Ambassador in Afghanistan, Pierre Mayaudon, said.

The relations between Jamiat-e-Islami and Presidential Palace strained following President Ashraf Ghani’s decision to accept the resignation of Atta Mohammad Noor as Balkh governor at least 10 days ago.

“We deplore any internal crisis in Afghanistan, especially in the current context where all forces should be united to bring the country and accompany the country towards stability, peace and prosperity,” the European Union ambassador said in an interview with TOLOnews this week.

In response to the European Union’s stance on the rift between President Ashraf Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor, the ambassador said: “What you are referring to is typically a domestic issue on which the European Union has no say. When we have a say, as a partner and friend of Afghanistan, is that we consider that this domestic matter should be handled by both parties involved.”

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